Tree Song

Tree Song

The song outside my window mellow green
and in his leafy dance I hear his tune.
Delighted in his fullness, he does lean
as cuckoos sit upon his branches, croon.

This tree has had the better of my morn
as now I sit and watch him play his part
enticing birds as jazz man with a horn
they flock to him and near to him, their heart.

Lush tree outside my window , drunkenness
is fostered on us all; bird, beast. We’re bound;
we’re captured by that joy that you attest
in all your flaunted, fluffy, flut`ring sound.

Oh, solid kin, if God is anywhere;
he must be green with music that is shared.

(My favorite form still seems to be the Shakespearean Sonnet.
I love the challenge of it.

Reflections in a Dead Man’s Eye

“Reflections in a Dead Man’s Eye”

Suspicion in a dead man’s eye says “So long!”
(He sees his death before him, flash deflected).
Quickly took his shower breath and blocked his song_
one-sixtieth light speed the orb reflected.
Jodi’s a blaring, shattered, blasting cauldron.
And in her left hand shines the sharper weapon;
Her right hand, camera aloft; her symbol.
And Lady Justice sparkles and she trembles.

(referencing the Jodi Arias murder of Travis Alexander)
(Rispetto , Hendecasyllabic (11 beats), abab;ccdd)

“Tableau” poem

Table Decoration Tableau

A one-eared cat admires
the flowered pot he sees,
umbrella`d by its leaves.
So sharply springs aloft
so radiant her noise
through silence as she heaves.

The cat with love repaired
has now two ears to hear
Transfixed, his joy appears
to be one with the scene.
Now beauty, joy and hope
an entertaining dream.

Purchased my cat at flea mkt for a buck.  Modeled a new ear and painted her.  It does not take much to entertain me.)