Jane Richard (form: Roundeau Redouble`)

“Jane Richard”

An evil simmers through the milling crowd;
two brothers carry fire packed in urns.
They relish killing with their hate endowed;
they take the innocent and try to burn.

The evil fails to take Jane’s Irish,  proud,
but tries that little heart of dance that yearns.
The hate enkindled by the fire allowed;
our love of Jane  is where we all must turn.

(form: Roundeau  Redouble`)
Jane, the little Irish dancer, age 7,  lost her brother, Martin, age 8  and one of her legs in the marathon-terror-blast.
To help the Richard family with their sudden expenses, a bank account has been established in their name at Meetinghouse Bank, 2250 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester Center, Massachusetts, 02124. Checks can be made payable to the Richard Family Fund.