(Sestina) “Requiem for a Bedbug”

“Requiem for a Bedbug”

“Delicious Morsels, Edible Earth For
Bed Bugs”, blink signs tonight in this *Paris.
“Let them eat Earth, they shall bite me no more!”
Marie, named Antoinette , she snored a while
as little vampires ate her, banquet style.
Now comes the dawn, a sorry sight; en masse

of Bed Bugs dead, humongous, in a mass.
These bugs thus have a predilection for
a munching lunch in banquet-gathered style,
prepare to brunch upon the queen’s Paris.
So sleeps Marie who knew naught for a while
or that, voracious bugs had plans for more.

Was but a pound of flesh; they wanted more.
The Captain, bugged, thus counted comrade’s mass;
commissioned ready soldiers wait a while:
“Await the broom, the mop, the sacred pail for
we, as bugs, do love a clean Paris”.
Ladies-in-Waiting steamed queen sheets with style!

The Queen took to her bed in regal style:
“’Let them eat cake’; they shall eat me no more!”
Surprise for bed bugs to this site, Paris
and so the Ladies sweep them in a mass.
“They’ll sniff burnt sulfur! That we’re waiting for!
They’ll sing a dirge for dead comrades a while!”

The nightly stampede starts in just a while.
Bug Captain says “Ho, Forward!” , and with style.
The sulfur burns the lungs of sick crew for
they breathe vile fumes upon their munching more.
“Comrades!” the Bug Lead shouts, “We’re dead en masse:
abandon Queen in bed to her Paris!”

Kind sir, hear story of this fair Paris:
poor city! Head-bowed, bend your neck a while…
Bed Bugs, they had their day and night, en masse;
they fought a brave, new battle with such style.
But none could fathom sorrow so much more
than what Ladies-in-Waiting… waited for:

No Paris defestation for a while:
The guillotine exacts from Queen her style
as all her ladies moan: “More bugs en masse!”

*Paris pronounced “Pair ee”.

Day 15, April PAD for Writer’s Digest Prompt: Create a Sestina