We pass, like strangers, quickly down our hall.
His night shift over, sun will speed his sleep.
No pity has the morn for me to stall;
It’s time to take the baby to his keep.

To work and to the sitter; life’s a sigh!
But on my coffee table, there’s a note
where I must quickly scribble out reply
to running quips we do, between us, quote.

“You are my Juliet and I love you
in dreams”, sez he.”And you will be my sun!”
But hark, my answer, though it be quite true,
conditioned by my feet about to run:

“Sleep on, oh Sun God, in our bed of brass!
Tomorrow, in the hallway, we shall pass!

(My cop worked the night shift. My teacher job meant we passed like ships in the night. But funny couplets flew between us during the week. One original, scrawled in pencil on yellowed legal, survives. We were together 62 years. And yes, it was a brass bed.)

original title:  “notes for a lifetime”