Time is Money

Day Three. Write a tentative poem. Could be about a tentative date, person or situation. The narrator or subject could be tentative.

“Time is Money”

Tentative my time spent in the moment;
with raising of this shade, night falls away.
Minutes lost while peering out the casement;
a look beyond the window sprawls the day.

How much I want to cease the light’s new trend
to grab another yawn; another stretch.
Postpone the clock and make her hands depend
upon the needs in life that I might hatch.

But pressed upon my breathing, in and out;
unconsciousness, the beating of my clock.
I’m warned of hesitation’s reckless rout
that sends the head of ennui to the block.

Why can’t we for the day feel free to pause?
Hold back the monied treadmill for a cause?