Another Monday

The morning sun invades like wing`ed gull.
White, shuttered light peeps through the silent lull.
Against my bedroom wall the sun now blinks.
My eyes; my lashes, stuttering, are dull.

My yawn, too cavernous and widely spent,
now breaks this solemn scene of sunlit tint.
And, groaning in my bones, my back is bent.
My feet must hit the floor and firmly sent.

Too soon; too soon my Monday work day comes.
Ah, here it is; another gleaming sun.
Another day I’ve won to shine within;
enlightened is this morn that’s now begun.

Awake! and grab the shades of life before
the sun so high, it traces all your floor!
Stand up and breach the brilliance of your path
before that kiss of day shall be no more!

(Form: Rubaiyat form: a,a,b,a (quatrains) iambic pentameter)