Among the trees where humming bees
and all the wild things grow and grow.
This stranger comes from out the West
his kilt and weaponry in tow.
O’er Scottish moor , this stranger roams
his tartan and his bagpipe thrown
o’er shoulder ’til at Urquhart Church
near Old Beech tree his sudden search.
He comes upon a maiden, ah,
with love.  He’s quickened by her sight!
Her honeyed hair so heather bright.
She is the fair Caledonia.
With ardent look, the maiden shook.
She is a chaste and timid soul.
Her father comes to question her
and notes her lover’s manner, bold.
“Oh, father, cast me to the moors!
My heart is his; I’ll not deny.”
She glanced his way and gives a sigh.
He grabs her hand as both now cry.
“We cannot wait for marriage bands;
I will not seek your dowry grand.
I’ve journeyed from the far, far West.
Your father won’t approve my hand.”
And so, the two with transfixed glow
emotions, overflowing showed.
It was at once he reached for her;
so gathered in his arms, they go!
No! ’tis a story, old but true.
Their haste made her sweet father’s life
a saddened heart which broke with strife.
So, in her thoughts, her heartache grew.
Upon the mountain’s:  Stack of Stone.
So lies her rune: a  sorry tune
amid the flowers and the bloom.
A haunted heart so far from home.
Among the trees where humming bees;
Wisteria, it blows and breathes.
Behind the stone a cailleach keens.
An old and withered hag now leans.

(Scottish to English pronunciation for “Cailleach” : “cal”(like in California) then there is a “Y” glide (is only a 2 syllable word) final syllable is “yuck”,
Thus pronunciation is “cal yuck”. A cailleach is an old and withered hag (a favorite female ‘ghost’ of the Scots).  (“Caledonia” is an early, Roman name for Scotland)

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