A Letter to the NRA

The school bus sped away that day
as Grace blew kisses to her mom.
Excitement, swirling, had its sway
and with the bluest eyes, she sung.

She’s gone now, to another realm
where neither blood nor fear reside;
where purple crayons overwhelm;
where innocence will not be tried.

We may know love when, through her eyes
she paints her picture pink for peace.
Her choice will come as no surprise
to see a gun’s red raging cease.

Her home is now another place
where some may meet amazing Grace.

(Grace McDonnell, age 7, who died mid the Sandy Hook massacre…)


The Gift

lovebirds4-best-2(photo by J.Casey)

My snowy visitors have brought to me
a bright and beautiful December day
I offer them my Chinaberry tree.
I perch and stare before they’re on their way.

They pause and groom each other for awhile;
soft talk they share with cooing , cheek to cheek.
They stare at me and, sure I see a smile
upon the face of one who wants to speak:

“Coo-coo, it is the human heart we seek.
His sacrificial love was made by choice.
That splendid gift God gave us makes us meek.
As we are poets, we will be your voice.

On wings of care,  Nativity,  they sing.
His birth’s a gift  forever echoing.”

These doves were perched outside my 3rd floor balcony in Florida; Dec 11, 2012 (my mom’s birthday). They stayed; grooming themselves for a good fifteen minutes before they flew away and did not seem to mind my photographing them from only a few feet away.  In the many years I have lived here, before and after that date, those birds have never been seen again.  I have always considered them a gift and message from my mom,  gone since January, 2000.

Warning Bell!


“Warning Bell!”

Oh, hear Time’s wheels.
On edge of doom they squeal.
Odious voice!
Oh, mournful cry; morbid choice.
Onlookers oval mouth
on all their faces.  Death enthralls
on edge of now before the call
of soulful bell.

(A photographer takes picture of the poor soul as he tries to climb up and off the subway tracks after being pushed! Onlookers froze! He died instantly)