Ballad For Brandon and Conner

“Ballad for Brandon and Conner”

The raging wind had damned her home that night.
She must take steps to save her children, too.
She quickly gathers up her boys with fright
and stumbles out her door; what can she do?

A dang’rous drive; she seeks a shelter strong
but then, headlong, the car falls in a ditch.
She clings to branch of fallen tree ‘ere long
and clings to children then, the wind would pitch!

She bangs upon his door and cries with fear!
The wind has eaten up her darling boys.
She cries for him inside who will not hear;
this hardened heart of man who gives no joy.

How could I help, said he, “I had no shoes.
She was to blame; it was her choice to choose!”

(For PAD WritersDigest Nov 3, Prompt: write about something ‘fearful”) Brandon and Conner, age 2 and 4, lost their lives in the storm, Sandy, which hit the east coast Sunday, Nov 3, 2012.